Los Demonios de la Cumbia   Alternative World music combined with samples, electro beats  and tripy synthezisers of Dj Kumbia Beats. it has also influences from Cumbia, Funk, Bolivian Folk, and Rock.


Band leader producer and composer of this proyect Marco Bustamante, artist name Kumbia Beats, born in Beni Bolivia,descendant from the Quechua culture and travelled around the world almost 10 years as a muscician. First experiences as young musician were with Native Bolivian folk music playing instruments like charango, quena, zampoñas, pinquillos, tarkas, etc. Then he moved to the other extreme as a vinyl junkie Dj of Elektro, D&B, Funk, and  Afro-Latin styles. He was also one of the leaders and creators for eigth years of de latin Mariachi rock group Sindicato Sonico settled in Antwerpen Belgium. All of this experience are also expresed in other three proyects, one is ‘Kumbia Beats’ that plays electro Kumbia wich released a CD in 2013, the other one is 'Los Demonios de la Cumbia' that plays tradicional Cumbia combined with samples of electro beats  and tripy synthezisers. And the last one is Dj Kumbia Beats which mixes and produce all kind of songs, mostly latin..


Los Demonios de la Cumbia featuring the Bolivian George Rojas musician, Singer and dancer  of Sartañani group. Manuel Escobar Bas (Chile), Fernando Zamora Conga (Chile), Alexis Armoa Drums (Paraguay), Marcelo Moncada Sax (Chile), Franklin Castro Trompet (Rep Dominicana), Laurence Loufrani Synthesizer (France), and Marco Bustamante Guitar and Dj decks (Bolivia)




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Los Demonios de la Cumbia
   Antwerpen BELGIUM

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