Dj Kumbia Beats mixes all kind of styles,  specially traditional southamerican latin music and cumbia, combined with Elektro, Drums & Bass, Funk, Moombahton, Global Bass, Salsa, Bolivian Folk, Rock, and Afro. Most of the music He plays comes from his own production & mixing.

Dj Kumbia Beats, started in 2010 mixing all kind of songs shared in soundcloud playing in pubs, clubs and festivals like Couleur Cafe, Pole Pole Beach, Sfinks, Kokopelly Festival etc.


Dj Kumbia Beats also released a CD in april 2013

CD DRUMS & KUMBIA :  Released on April 2013.

All Songs written, composed & produced by Marco Antonio Bustamante Sempertegui:

‘Kumbia Pinquillada’ contiene una muestra de Arawimanta Pinkillada,
‘Dark Kumbia Core of the Fiddler’ contiene una muestra de MexicanDubWiser.

Lyrics   ‘Blue Drums & Kumbia’ by Sandra Delgadillo. 
Lyrics   ‘La Vida’ by Sandra Delgadillo & Marco Bustamante.
Lyrics  'La Cumbia del Sapo by Marco Antonio Bustamante Sempertegui

Special thanks to : Sandra Delgadillo, Pedro Pozos (Viool), Alejandro Donoso Alburquerque, Roy Carranza, Wouter de Belder & Robbe Stassen Who have been helping with the productions of this full CD

Listen the full CD here

Mixing & Production

for more music & production visit the soundcloud page

for more live stream music of Dj Kumbia Beats go to this live Mp3 player


Videos Clips



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